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Expert CISEHP Course

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Expert CISEHP course - Certified Information Security &

Ethical Hacking Professional

This course introduces security enthusiasts to venture into the domain of information security. This unique program arms you with the necessary consulting skills in order to help you make your mark in this exciting field of information security.

It Covers compliance, Cyber Security, Server Security, Metasploit, Firewall, IDS/IPS/IDP and Three Useful Programing/scripts.

Beginner CISEHP



1. Regulation legislation and guideline (Compliance)

Work on Auditing and risk. About compliance for Information security. Why you and organization needs. ISO 27000 compliance.

2. Kali Linux /Backtrack in Depth

Virtualization kali Linux, Network connection, bypass MAC, advance use NMAP, DHCP Starvation…Etc. In Depth on Kali Linux.

3. Cyber Forensic Security

About Cybercrime and security. Advance on malware protection. Steganography, evidence and data modification.

4. System Security And Antivirus Security

Operating system security, system assessment audit and Organizational based security. Application security. Linux antivirus configuration.

5. Networking Security

Network security issues and fix issues. About Networking protocols and security. Securing Bluetooth and Wireless.

6. Window/Linux Server Security

Server security architecture. Patch the windows vulnerability and security issue. Password security for windows and Linux. Security in Server configuration.

7. Firewall configuration and security

About more firewall and configure firewall Network/Host based, check point firewall function and rules.

8. IDS/IPS/IDP configuration on rules

About Intruders in network. Introduction IDS/IPS/IDP and functions. Configure snort system and manage.

9. Metasploit

About Metasploit and work on Advance Metasploit attack. See some post exploitation attacks. And do scenario based hacking.

10. Basic on Python, Shell Scripting and C ++ language.

Learn some about the coding and script and programming for understand more about security. Python code, Shell Scripting and C++ language.

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Student Testimonial

Internet Vidya is Awesome!!! It’s an excellent professional course & all senior executives should attend to understand the importance and potential of Digital & Internet Marketing.

Shamin Sekh

- Ex-Trainee

Internet Vidya has taught me various online earning opportunities with oDesk, elance , freelancer, rentacoder, behance & many more to get online Projects & also show case my skills internationally.

Divya Borge

- Ex-Trainee

Internet Vidya Course Was Very Informative & Enlightening. The knowledge & effectiveness of speakers was excellent, very insightful. Opened up the world of Ethical Hacking for me, I’m a Pro Now!!!.

Ashish Khirokar

- Ex-Trainee
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