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Beginner CISEHP Course

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Beginner CISEHP Course - Certified Information Security &

Ethical Hacking Professional

Beginner CISEHP


This course foundation for Information Security & Ethical Hacking professional, Introduce the basics of information security and how hacker think and do intelligence in our work, how they make a complex structure and covers the phases of hacking.


1. Introduction Ethical Hacking & Information Security Introduce Ethical hacking and Information Security, and concept of hacking and Direction.

2. Planning for Foot printing and Reconnaissance Plan for target system, Gather information and recognize the target system.

3. Social Engineering and Security Base (physical) Base of Security and hacking, about Social Engineering ways of use the SE.

4. Scanning Network and system enumeration Scanning the target in network and internet. Find system process and vulnerability on system.

5. Introduction WI FI Technology IEEE 802.11 Introduction on Wi-Fi technology, about WEP, WPA and WLAN. Bluetooth and Hacking.

6. Introduction OS(Linux, Window) and System Hacking About Linux and Windows Architecture and Services. Vulnerability, Password cracking methodology and uses of keylogger.

7. Introduction Malware (Virus, Worm, Trojan and backdoors) Introduction on Malwares, Virus, Worm, Trojan and Backdoor Architecture and functionality. Recognize and Detect

8. Introduction Web Hacking Technology (SQL Injection) About Web Hacking technology and Services use in Web technology, OWASP top 10 SQL Injection Attack.

9. Introduction Cryptography (about and Needs) About VA/PT Methodology. About Cryptography and Encryption and decryption. Some Cryptography Methodology.

10. Introduction New Technology (cloud, Smartphone Arch.) About some new technology and his Architecture. Mobile and Cloud computing.

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Student Testimonial

Internet Vidya is Awesome!!! It’s an excellent professional course & all senior executives should attend to understand the importance and potential of Digital & Internet Marketing.

Shamin Sekh

- Ex-Trainee

Internet Vidya has taught me various online earning opportunities with oDesk, elance , freelancer, rentacoder, behance & many more to get online Projects & also show case my skills internationally.

Divya Borge

- Ex-Trainee

Internet Vidya Course Was Very Informative & Enlightening. The knowledge & effectiveness of speakers was excellent, very insightful. Opened up the world of Ethical Hacking for me, I’m a Pro Now!!!.

Ashish Khirokar

- Ex-Trainee
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